Strategic Activities and Action StepsThe development of the ENCCRV included the analysis of results from studies conducted by CONAF in conjunction with specialists. This translates into a solid technical base, participative mechanisms across the country and regional workshops and findings gathered from other studies conducted on a national level and related public policies. >> More information here

As such developing, following the previously described actions and a methodological scheme, a proposal of Activities and Action Steps for mitigation and adaptation which form the technical and operative base for the accomplishment of the Strategy goals and objectives.

The definition of the action steps takes into consideration the following areas:

  • Institutional Management: Institutional arrangements for the organization of public services aiming to facilitate the implementation of the action steps.

  • Operative: Implementation of actions in the field following established scheme and practices.

  • Normative: Improvements, modifications, and inclusions to the current and developing legislations.

  • Oversight: Improvements, modifications, and inclusions in the forestry and environmental inspection instrument and tools.

  • Promotion: Improvements, modifications, and inclusions in instruments for public advancement.

  • Territorial Planning: Management improvements on landscape and territorial scale.

  • Skills training and transference: Bridging the gaps in technical skills and technology.

  • Environmental Awareness: Providing information and clearing misinformation, changing attitudes and perspectives.

  • Investigation: Generating knowledge and information, reducing misinformation.

  • ENCCRV scheme, Causes, Activities and Action Steps of the ENCCRV document




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