img Abordaje y resguardosIn order to evaluate the result of these interventions, specifically those implemented directly in the territory, two elements are key:

  • i. A reference level, to depict the state and Dynamic of the vegetation resource, water, and biodiversity in a period prior to intervention measures.
  • ii. A monitoring system to measure, report and enable the verification of results of the interventions.

  • The Measurement and Monitoring System (SMM) of the ENCCRV generates information based on the results of the implementation of actions steps in 3 areas:

  • i. Forest carbon emissions reduction.
  • ii. Reducing the risk of LDDD until reaching the goal of LDN.
  • iii. Environmental services and social benefits, in addition to the previously mentioned, such as water production quality, soil conservation, increase and maintenance of biodiversity, and access to environmental education.

  • Forest Reference Emissions Levels/ Forest Reference Levels (FREL/FRL)

    The FREL/FRL depicts GHG emissions during a previous period and suggests future projections. These projections aim to measure the performance of REDD+ policies, requirements of the UNFCCC for countries participating in this initiative. Chile rectified before the UNFCCC subnational FREL/FRL (for the regions between El Maule and Los Lagos). Currently, efforts for the integration of Sustainable Forest Management and the expansion of FREL/FRL for the remaining regions of the country are under way.

    During 2017, within the LDN framework, the aim is to establish national goals to reach the objectives and adjust the studies to determine the indicator and dynamics in the recent period of the LDDD.

    For more detail information: Strategy Document, Chilean National Reference Document and Informative Note No 3

    Safeguard Information System (SIS):

    Through the national SIS system countries adopting the REDD+ policies report to national stakeholders, the international community, and donors regarding the manner that the REDD+ safeguards requirements of the UNFCCC are fulfilled. The SIS in Chile will be operational through instruments and an online platform a complementary function of the Measurement and Monitoring System.
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