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CONAF is the executor and coordinator of the ENCCRV action steps, through the Unit for Climate Change and Environmental Services (UCCSA, acronym in Spanish) a dependent entity of the Development and Forest Development Administration (GEDEFF, acronym in Spanish). Additionally, the Strategy counts on climate change and environmental services regional coordinators with whom there is permanent dialogue. >> More information here

CONAF will maintain connections with the Intra-Ministerial Technical Committee on Climate Change (CTICC, acronym in Spanish) led by the Office of Agricultural Studies and Policies (ODEPA, acronym in Spanish) of the MINAGRI, with the aim of strengthening technical decisions adopted in the ENCCRV framework.

Additionally, CONAF will maintain constant exchange with the National Technical Group of Experts on Climate Change (GTNE, acronym in Spanish) composed of representatives of public institutions, private consultancies, NGOs, Indigenous Peoples and academics, the public-private technical validation entity.

The Strategy also contemplates the revision of actions in the Board of Trustees of CONAF. >> More information here

In order to strengthen CONAF’s coordination and execution activities, the Strategy will be submitted to evaluation before the Forest Policy Council (CPF, acronym in Spanish), headed by the CONAF. This Council is constituted by 16 members representing different stakeholders of public services, businesses, social organizations, academia, environmental investigators, and NGOs.
>> More information here

Finally, as the authority in environmental, governmental decisions, the Strategy will be presented to the Council of Ministers for Sustainability. It was important to note in 2014 the Council agreed to initiate a procedure to call itself Council of Ministers for Sustainability and Climate Change which would be incorporated in the MINREL for international negotiations; this will reveal the importance of climate change in the public policies of the country. >> More information here

Governance Structure of the ENCCRV




National Forestry Corporation

Unidad de Cambio Climático y Servicios Ambientales (UCCSA)
Gerencia de Desarrollo y Fomento Forestal (GEDEFF)
Corporación Nacional Forestal (CONAF)
Ministerio de Agricultura de Chile





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