The ENCCRV finances are divided into 3 specific areas as follows:

Action step execution

The following is a summary of the costs of execution and administration for each action step. They present unconditional resources (from the Ley de Presupuesto (Budget Law) and present resources) and conditional (dependent on the management of new and additional resources) considered in the ENCCRV framework, details as follow:

Table 1. Action Step Budget

Action Step Budget

Preparation and Monitoring

Estimates for the preparation stage as well as follow-up and ENCCRV control, conducted through the SMM and SIS systems. Detailed as followed:

Table 2. Preparation and monitoring budget

Preparation and monitoring budget

Payments for environmental services

Financing of ex-post payments for environmental services resulting from the implementation of ENCCRV action steps. Thus, providing financial solvency for its maintenance with time, as shown in Table 3. It is important to note this budget balance is contingent on the management of additional resources, details as follow:

Table 3. Payment for environmental services budget

Payment for environmental services budget




National Forestry Corporation

Unidad de Cambio Climático y Servicios Ambientales (UCCSA)
Gerencia de Desarrollo y Fomento Forestal (GEDEFF)
Corporación Nacional Forestal (CONAF)
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