This process conducted on a national scale through:

Dialogue and Participation: developed in regional workshops where ENCCRV activities and action steps were submitted to various Indigenous groups for revision and assessment.

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1.- Document of the Methodology of the Indigenous Dialogue and Participation for the ENCCRV
2.- Leaflet example used in the Indigenous group Dialogue for the ENCCRV

Citizen Consultation: aimed at consulting with interested parties about the Strategy document. The consultation took place virtually and was publicly available from 20th June to 20th September 2016.

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1.- Distribution of Citizen Consultation for the ENCCRV in the Chamber of Deputies
2.- Distribution of Citizen Consultation for the ENCCRV in the Chamber of Senators
3.- Distribution of Citizen Consultation for the ENCCRV in the Government Ministries

Auto-evaluation Process: developed through the macro zones (north and south) workshops and instances with the public and national academic sectors which evaluated the process and formulation of the ENCCRV, as well as its activities and action steps.

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1- Plan for Implementation of Social and Environmental Safeguards of Public and Indigenous groups Consultation and Auto-Evaluation of the ENCCRV
2- Auto-Evaluation Sheets
3- Graphical Representation
4- Instructions - Macrozone Workshop
5- Macrozone Workshop Programme
6- Auto-Evaluation Workshop Programme
7- Systemization of Information about Orientation Questions
8- Systemization of Information about Action Steps Comment




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